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What Use is SEO without a Website Optimisation Effort?

What Use is SEO without a Website Optimisation Effort?

SEO and Search Engine Optimisation service providers are notoriously bad at handling the full picture of your business’ SEO needs. Your business’ image is reflected on your website, and so when you take the time to build a professional site that is easy to navigate, easy to find on the Internet, and easy for users to use in their research and purchasing of your products and services, you don’t want the SEO efforts conflicting with the website.

No matter how well your website is working, if it’s not working WITH versus AGAINST your Search Engine Optimisation efforts in an entirely seamless way, your customers will still be confused. They will fail to find the information they thought they were going to find as a result of your SEO services advertising, and they’ll go elsewhere on the Internet in a quick heartbeat. To get real website optimisation, you have to perform a website audit and based on the results, you’ll need a monumental coordination effort to occur between all the teams – including graphic designers, web designers, and application designers in addition to your SEO services team.

•    Most professional website designers have a great deal of knowledge in how to make a website work well for your customers and to meet your business needs, but they don’t have the experience with search engines that a true SEO services provider does.

•    Most professional graphic designers care a great deal about the quality of their images, but if asked, they also know how to make those images load faster. Images that load at top speeds ensures that your website doesn’t get bogged down while loading, but it doesn’t handle the search engine optimisation for those images.

•    Most application developers know how to make an app work for their customer, but if asked, they can also make it work faster with fewer lines of code or other technical tweaks that make sure the application works quickly for the end customer – that’s your customer buying on your website. They can also make their applications improve your website’s ranking with search engine optimisation improvements.

•    Most SEO services professionals understand the latest search engine algorithms and how to make your website’s content and advertising work well to drive traffic to your website and generate conversions.

To get your professional website optimised, however, it’s going to take a group effort involving everyone on the team listed above. True website optimisation involves a number of techniques and methodologies that include web applications, professionally written content, highly unique website design and skillful e-commerce. For faster website operation – even with larger and larger websites – your business needs to request a website performance analysis and then do thorough website optimisation accordingly.

Websites that combine the Search Engine Optimisation with appropriate Website Optimisation techniques are far more likely to produce a high number of qualified traffic and increase customer sales. And after all, that’s really the goal of your website, isn’t it? To develop, nurture and ensure a high conversion rate?
Website optimisation ensures that your website is highly competitive in your competitive market space. A good website optimisation team will make sure that your website not only outperforms the competition in terms of traffic, speed, conversion rates, and sell-throughs, but more importantly, that team should ensure a solid return on your marketing investment dollars.

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