14 Apr

The benefits of a website optimisation report

The benefits of a website optimisation report

Article by Lyz Cordon

Ordering a website optimisation report is an excellent way for site owners to improve search engine rankings and direct maximal traffic to their sites – in a way they could never achieve on their own. 

There are many reasons for this. They may be small high street traders, who realise a website is essential to generate trade during the economic recession. Their judgement is sound, but they have little or no understanding of the concepts of SEO (search engine optimisation) and website conversion rates.  Alternatively, they may have been trading online for some time, but been so busy running the business side of things that they’ve had no time to find ways to improve search engine rankings.

The truth is, every internet trader is different, and few have the time or resources to check every facet of their site to optimise conversion rates and sales. This is why there are online companies specialising in website optimisation reports. The best ones offer a personal service, usually at competitive rates aimed at small businesses. They are specialists in the field of affordable optimisation, just as their clients are specialists in their own chosen fields.

<strong> Why small traders should include cheap website optimisation in their budgets</strong>

When they pay to have a website created, people are often duped by promises of a vast increase in sales, simply by having a website address to add to their off-line literature. But there’s far more to it than simply creating an online presence.

This is why, once they’ve been trading a while, they should invest in a website optimisation report from a reputable company. The good news is, for small companies this is a more affordable option than increased media advertising, or glossy brochures; there are plenty of cheap website optimisation companies on the internet, offering a good personal service.

To increase profits, traders have to understand that search engine rankings are linked to usability and visibility of their product. This means potential clients not only have to find the site, they have to be persuaded to buy from it. This is why ordering a cheap website optimisation plan is such a good idea. The report will offer them solutions not only on increasing traffic, but on increasing their website conversion rate (i.e. the number of browsers who place an order) as well.

<strong> Understanding search engine rankings</strong>

Online traders seem to think that, provided people enter the right words into the Google box and hit return, their site will pop to the top of the listings. They forget that SEO has a large part to play.

Many businesses that are otherwise successful lose internet sales because they can only be found on line by trial and error. A cheap website optimisation report would analyse every area of their website, recommending changes that would enhance its visibility, usability and layout. The result would both improve search engine rankings and maximise their website conversion rate. Often, a few small changes are all that’s necessary.

About the Author

The author Lyz Cordon is owner of Click2Customer, a site focused on helping companies improve web traffic sales and search engine rankings in an affordable way. 

Lyz has over 10 years experience in online marketing and runs a successful web design company.  Click2Customer offers affordable, cheap website optimisation through a website optimisation report in easy to understand, jargon-free language.

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