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Social Media Atomics

Social Media Atomics

Article by Media 4 Women

Social Media Atomics

Social Media is everywhere and everyone is talking about it to some extent. We often ask people if they are using social media to promote their business and most always, the response is “yes”, at least they have a Facebook page. Within a year, we have seen social media explode with people of all ages. What once seemed appropriate and applicable to the younger generation has now become a necessity for all of us. We cannot escape the power and presence of social media. A business today that is not using social media to some degree may not be in business a few years from now. Think this sounds impossible?

YouTube is now the number 2 search engine behind Google, which, incidentally, owns YouTube. More than 300,000,000 people visit YouTube each month and watch more than 12,000,000,000 videos. So what does that mean to your business? It means online video should play a key part in your online marketing strategy. You need to establish “social authority” for your business in the subject areas where you have expertise. And online video legitimizes your business more quickly and broadly than any other method.

What about “mobile marketing”? Almost everyone over the age of 13 in the U.S. has a mobile phone. Twenty percent of them–50 million people–have so-called “smart phones” that can access the Internet and email. That number is increasing by 20 percent every month. How do you reach mobile users? Mobile text messaging is a must.

But isn’t a website enough? Not so anymore. Even if your business has a Website, it isn’t enough anymore. It used to be that you could set up a website and maybe buy some Internet ads to drive traffic. Instant traffic. That was then. This is now. You need to engage with your prospects and customers on their online turf: Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; their mobile phones. Plus online directories, maps and other social media . And the updates need to be daily, weekly and ongoing.How in the world does the average business have time to keep up with all of this “social media” activity? In a simple answer: they can’t do it alone. A Facebook page is not enough by itself. A couple of videos are not enough on YouTube. A great website is not enough, especially if no one is finding it online. What about SEO?

Traditional SEO is out the window. Google has continually changed the rules of search engine strategies. What once worked for the SEO gurus has changed. Even the Internet marketers have been forced to re-think their tactics. Bottom line: learn to play by Google’s rules. And by the way, Google is well-entrenched in Social Media and using it in its algorithms.

As a marketing company, we have been using social media for the past few years and have continued to study its dynamics. To be honest, it can be extremely time-consuming and intensely difficult to keep up with all of the posts, videos, updates, links, articles, blogs, directories, etc. We knew we had to streamline these activities and find the right automation tools. We have been testing several types of software and online programs for the past year to see which ones are the most effective and the easiest to use. The goal was to develop an efficient system that could reach a massive audience, faster and with greater results. We next needed to select a name for this process, one that captured the extent of what we are doing with social media.

The phrase, Social Media Atomics, came out of a discussion about the explosive properties and potential with the program we were creating. Social Media Atomics has a blueprint that, from a distance, might resemble a nuclear diagram (not that I am familiar with nuclear blueprints). We must acknowledge that a key source of support and training has come from our friends at Traffic Geyser. They have amazing tools and resources for those who are do-it-yourself people. I highly recommend Traffic Geyser to anyone wanting to go beyond their existing marketing strategies. One of my favorite tools from them is their Market Me Suite system. Definitely worth checking out.

So, what is our blueprint for Social Media Atomics? It involves a strategy consisting of 8 different online and social media components, from developing a strong web presence to strategically using the top 5 networks to automated mobile marketing to enhanced video marketing to web 2.0 to utizing hundreds of online media outlets. Media 4 Women Enterprises has tested and measured the results for the past several months. Using our own business as the key test subject has proven to be a major benefit. The Alexa rankings for http://www.media4women.com/ objectively illustrate the vast growth and exposure of that website alone and we have seen these same results with every client using this system. It works. There are no magic formulas or overnight windfalls but with time, diligence and a strategic plan, the results are undeniable. Massive exposure for your business ultimately leads to growth and financial success.We encourage people every day to look at what is happening online.

There is no escaping the power of social media. Take the initiative and educate yourself on Google. Are you unsure of what all of the terms mean? Do you feel a bit left behind? It is never too late to catch up and captivate. We offer classes that teach you how to use Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. We have a book that teaches the meaning of the top 51 Internet terms, Internet 101. We offer free consultations to businesses or anyone needing assistance. We hold seminars and training classes. How can we help you? Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our Blog. Check out our videos on YouTube. Let’s connect. If interested in learning more about Social Media Atomics and the benefits for your business, send us an email at info@media4women.com or call toll free 800-992-0369 to request a free consultation. Let’s connect. Let’s talk. Let’s get “social” and help each other succeed.

Bobbye Brooks, CEO Media 4 Women Enterprises

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Bobbye Brooks, co-founder of Media 4 Women Enterprises, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, trainer and marketing specialist.

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