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SEO: the Catch; SEO Solution; Overt SEO; SEO, SEO, Over n’ Over; Its all SEO

SEO: the Catch; SEO Solution; Overt SEO; SEO, SEO, Over n’ Over; Its all SEO

Article by Gene Schwerman

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, provides placement generation for Google, Yahoo etc. Overt SEO: SEO based phrases used over and over or SEO phrases woven over, under and through a document place emphasis through repetition; sometimes even the most serious search engine optimizer allows a bit of redundancy in order to acquire the SEO placement he needs. Thus, in tackling a subject like SEO, massive competition leads to even the multi-redundant hyperbole suggested above or it’s variant. As long as the writer rewards the reader with creativity, style and/or enough information; hoping to trade those, as it were, in exchange for the reader’s toleration of a little repetition; there may still be acceptable communication taking place. Be it ever SEO little or ever SEO vague. The catch is, no matter what position you gain on your webpage or article, if no one understands it, or if everyone stops reading half way through, everybody loses. So, you try to force feed your redundancy in order to gain position without losing your reader entirely in the process. Think “Family Feud” where the competing family is named Dawson.

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Jonathan Swift underestimated the ability of the British and Irish reader with his pointed satirical pamphlet way back in the 1700’s. A Modest Proposal suggested that poor Irish families sell their children to rich Brits as food. The pamphlet even had recipes that brought new meaning to the term “small fry.” While Swift was actually trying to make political fodder out of the impoverished Irish youth, his biting satire backfired. This happened partially because he so realistically developed his premise that the unsophisticated eighteenth century readers took him quite literally and were completely aghast at the proposal. While it has been suggested that a later generation MacDonald might have paid close attention to Swift’s proposal, the modern Swift foods family happily had no lineage link to Jonathan.

Joseph Heller never specifically tells us the first 21 catches in his famous WWII novel Catch -22 but that 22nd one is surely a killer. While not telling us the other 21 catches, he also necessarily neglects to put them in order. I have long contended that if we at least knew the details and the order of the unnamed first 21 catches, we would be much better able to actually understand catch-22. Anyone who has read Heller’s opus and who knows anything about SEO, however, will immediately understand that Heller’s contrarian hero, Yosarian, would have to love SEO.

Yosarian was sitting in the hospital, across from the soldier in white, not suffering from his ongoing 101 degree temperature which placed his condition just short of jaundice and allowed him to go to the hospital and check himself in anytime he wished. That day he was arbitrarily removing all adjectives from his peers’ letters home, as he was already bored of censoring the letters in the way he had been instructed.

Yosarian was still reeling from the news that he had received the day before. He had convinced Doc Deneeka that anyone who continued to volunteer to fly missions over enemy territory after reaching the mandatory 45 mission target was not only crazy, but was so disturbed he should be sent home for his own safety. Doc Daneeka agreed and instructed him to simply request to be sent home because clearly he was crazy and therefore unfit for combat. Yosarian had immediately done so. Later in the day, he checked the duty roster and found his name assigned again for the next morning’s mission over enemy terrain. He confronted Doc Daneeka with a less than diplomatic, nearly unending series of expletives. The patient doctor explained to his patient that upon requesting to be sent home he had been judged quite sane and therefore, had been ordered to return to flying missions – Catch-22.

“But Doc,” Yosarian reiterated over and over, “they are trying to kill me.” Doc Daneeka placed his arm around Yosarian’s shoulder. “I keep trying to tell you son, they are just trying to kill the enemy,” Doc Daneeka consoled.

Yosarian checked himself into the hospital the next morning. He was undeterred. He knew they were trying to kill him. Otherwise why did they keep shooting at him?

I believe even a cursory review of the first 21 catches in Catch-22, if I could provide them in the proper order, would go way beyond explaining Catch-22. They might even go a very long way toward explaining the rules of SEO. If you will ignore for a moment that those first 21 catches do not exist and attempt to put them in order in your mind, you may be able, as I believe I have done, to understand the ethereal essence of SEO.

“So, please, Dr. Google, recognize my redundancy as a slight bit of well intended cyber babble strategically entered into the competitive arena of web rank simply for the purpose of attaining same and therefore sane. Please recognize my inability to recite catch -1 through catch-21 in their proper order, as historical oversight or Hellerian hindsight. Lastly, please elevate my webpage to the height of your esteemed engine of many searches, for I have made my most credible attempt to assuage the damaged consciousness of my readers by sharing one of the most important “catches” I have ever caught. As I think we can all agree, the mysteries of the catches, like those surrounding SEO, are really only attained “catch as catch can.”

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