22 Apr

Do not commit these mistakes while developing a Website Design

Do not commit these mistakes while developing a Website Design

When you get to make a website for yourself, it is natural to get excited and exhilarated. After all, you are giving your business, profession or vocation a face that will be shown to people around the world. In order to make a site which attracts the visitors and drives them to be your clients, it is important that the web design is effective and persuasive enough to help you meet the objectives. There are a number of tips and suggestions on the net on how to imbibe certain elements of effective website design But, there is very little information on what shall not be done.

Do not go for ‘maximization’

In order to attract the people on the site, you shall not give way to your sentiments and give an overdose of the elements of web design .It is not advisable to use a number of colours without any clearly established colour scheme or an organized pattern of colour usage. Similarly, too much playing with the font types and sizes will make the eyes of the visitors rivet around without focussing on the site content. Too many graphics and the filling of the webpage space without proper organization of the content will make a shabby look of the website design.


Do not focus solely on the landing or the home page

It is true that home page of the site is of immense significance. It shall contain the links to the whole site and even the deep link pages shall be only a few clicks away from the home page. But, it is wrong to put all your creative energies on one page only. The other pages shall be equally well balanced and bear imprints of professional work.


Do not ignore search engine friendliness of the site

The websites are increasingly being promoted on the search engines nowadays. If you do not make a search engine friendly design, then there will be problems in making use of the SEO services. A good web designer is capable of incorporating search engine friendly elements in the site. You shall not leave this or any other important task for the future. Similarly, it is wrong to ignore the internal links plan and the ability of the site to let the search engine crawlers crawl the site without any hiccups. Therefore, it is advisable not to include flash animations or other heavy files which can increase the loading time of the site.


Do not design a site element that looks like an advertisement

Serious visitors are after your offerings. Their navigation is goal-based and they do not want to the advertisement on the site. They will simply ignore those parts of the site which look like ads. So, you shall not commit this mistake of incorporating any such element on the site which looks like an advertisement as there are chances that it will be ignored by the visitors.


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