About NessSEO

NessSEO Scotland is owned and run by me, Bradley Norris and we’re based in Inverness close to Loch Ness hence the name “NessSEO”. My wife and I moved from the south of England in 2007 and purchased a guest house as a lifestyle change which we ran successfully and sold in March 2012. We paid a web designer a lot of money to create a great website for our business when we started but it never performed particularly well with the search engines. We were approached by an SEO company who promised to get us to page one of Google for 10 search terms but they only ever succeeded with one.

In 2010 myself and some fellow guest house owners formed the Inverness Guest House Association and it was clear that to offer any value to other members the website would need to be on page one of Google. I contacted numerous SEO companies but most were quoting fees way beyond our limited budget but eventually I found one that offered a sensible price and seemed very professional. Sadly after paying their fee it materialised that they never intended to do any work on our website and their company had been set up as a scam using the name of a large company to give some credibility.

Now being extremely out of pocket and still needing to get results my options were limited – learn about SEO and do the work myself looked to be the only way forward. I spent hours and hours reading information and analysing other websites and came to realise that SEO was not some mystic art but a science. I applied what I had learnt to our Guest House Association website and our own website and within a month or so both were on page one of Google for a number of the desired search terms. A year down the line both sites were on page one for all of their keywords and in the top 5 for most.

My successes had not gone unnoticed by friends and colleagues and soon I was asked by a few others to do work for them. I currently have 7 websites on page one of Google for the search term “Bed And Breakfast Inverness” out of a potential 648,000 including the No.1 and No.3. My technique is not to use the generic approach that a lot of the large companies have adopted. This may have worked some years ago but it doesn’t now and each website has to be taken individually as Google is regularly updating its algorithm to ensure it only ranks the most relevant websites.

I now have a number of clients around the UK in various business sectors and have achieved similar results in very competitive markets. The only sensible thing to do was to start another company dedicated to my SEO work – NessSEO Scotland was born.