03 Jun

5 Reasons Why SEO Should Not Depend Only On Keywords

Gone are the days when SEOers were happy sticking to a list of targeted keywords and ranking well with the search engines. The game of enterprise SEO is a lot trickier than ever before and when you’re offering SEO services to a brand, you better not take on any risky prepositions.

Although the obsession of SEOs with keyword density and targeted keyword list is still stuck very much in the foundation of the Internet industry, the truth is that the rules of playing in the game of Internet marketing has changed.

 There are many things that Google searchbot considers now before ranking you on the top for your targeted keywords. So, if you’re still keen on sticking to your keyword list, your ship is all set to sink or has probably sunk by now.

Instead of the keywords, now it’s time that you actually start building your brand by providing high quality content along with taking care of several other things that are damaging your chances of ranking higher with the search engines.

Here are a few reasons why planning your SEO strategy based on a keyword list is no longer a viable alternative for you:

  1. Someone Else Is Already Using Your Keywords – You are the only enterprise around. There are many more out there and have an enterprise similar to you. So, your audience is already using certain phrases to search for you. But, surprisingly, you are not getting traffic from those keywords because of the other enterprises that are already using them. Your problems have just increased.
  2. Your Site Has Bigger Problems. Take Care of Them – You need a site with a lot of pages that do not have duplication, un-crawled pages, proper navigation, active internal and external links, quick loading time, proper configuration of response code, and quality content. These are the qualities of a good enterprising site and following them will greatly reduce your problems.
  3. Getting The Product Team To Agree To A Keyword – All the members of the product team want a share in keyword selection. Each of them will differ pulling you in different directions. You will find that it is very difficult to get them to agree on a keyword.
  4. Keyword-tracking is Getting Harder – With Google’s rollout, keyword tracking is getting much harder. Instead of keywords, if you use natural search leads and traffic, you will find that they are easier to track.
  5. It is Not Keywords but Your business Objective That Matters – SEO is not just about keywords. It is also visibility and being found on search engines. That is how you can increase your rankings. Focus on this aspect for long-term gains. You can set the competitive terms at a later stage. Optimize your page by setting business objectives, which is achievable only if you focus on visibility of your site. Quality content and performance. When your focus is on these objectives, you will find that you don’t have to chase a keyword list.

 So, stop looking for keywords and focus on making your brand known. Your SEO campaign will get easier and you will find that you have a lot of traffic and are getting known.

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