03 Jul

2 Social SEO Tips To Build Authority And Increase Your Followers

Have you ever browsed through the various profiles on Google+, Facebook and other social networking sites to find out which one of them has more followers for their pages and communities?

A recent study has shown that profiles with display pictures of the user and a detailed informative ‘about me’ section have more followers than those that do not have them. This should wake you up to the face that you must start taking your community page more seriously. Here are the 2 social SEO tips to help you in building your online authority and increasing your followers:

1.      Have A Good Profile Picture

People who are on social networking websites substantiate all their contacts and links with the social network through virtual mediums like profiles, comments and followers. The profile picture happens to be there one and only non-fictional gateway into the life of the person with whom they are interacting.

This is why many social SEO experts suggest that you put up a picture of yourself instead of that of your favorite actress or your dream automobile as your profile picture. Once your prospective followers can see the person you really are, their interest in you and your blog or webpage will increase substantially.

2.      Your ‘About Me’ Should Strike A Chord With Your Followers

Your ‘about me’ or bio section of your social networking profile is the first ‘words’ to establish a relation between you and your followers. This is why social SEO experts give great importance to the right tone and right content for this section. Here are 2 tips to help you write the most desirable ‘about me’:

a.      Balance Of Tone

It is very important that you hit the perfect chord, the middle path between humbleness and showcasing your achievements while writing the ‘about me’ section of your profile. If you make it too humble, making yourself sound like a noob in the industry, people will not take you seriously and think you are too amateur to be followed.

In case you overdo the lack of humble approach and show off too much proclaiming yourself to be the ‘content guru’ and ‘ultimate author’ your target audience might get intimidated and choose to give you a pass. They might also think you are being boastful without any reason. An empty vessel sounds much, anyone?

b.      Usage Of Words

Statistically, it has been seen that the usage of the following terms in your ‘about me’ section in abundance has a direct correlation with the number of followers your profile will have. Here is the list in a descending order:

  • Official
  • Founder
  • Speaker
  • Expert
  • Guru
  • Author

So an ‘about me’ with abundant usage of the term ‘Official’ will have more followers than one which uses the term ‘Founder’.

Remember that social media is not all that different from the offline interactions. Introduce yourself in the right manner and you will soon be popular! If you’re still confused about how you should make or maintain your company profiles for better following and SEO, social media services of Submit Comfort are available to your rescue at affordable prices.

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